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This animated comedy spans time and place to navigate Sterling Archer, Lana, Malory, Cheryl/Carol, Cyril, Pam, Ray and Krieger's misguided misadventures that range from attempting to save the world from nuclear disaster to selling illegal narcotics.

S4 E13 - Sea Tunt: Part 2
Archer and the ISIS crew go to an underwater SEA LABoratory to stop the deranged Captain MurphyTV-MA | 04.11.2013 | 21m
S4 E12 - Sea Tunt: Part 1
Cheryl's brother Cecil Tunt (Eugene Mirman) and his girlfriend Tiffy (Kristen Schall) drive her crazier than usual as they travel into the Bermuda Triangle. Where mysteries abound!TV-MA | 04.04.2013 | 21m
S4 E11 - The Papal Chase
Archer must rescue the Pope from an assassination plot using Woodhouse as a decoy. Operation Bad Habit is a go.TV-MA | 03.28.2013 | 19m
S4 E10 - Un Chien Tangerine
Archer and Lana extract an agent from Morocco only to find out his bark is worse than his bite.TV-MA | 03.21.2013 | 21m
S4 E9 - The Honeymooners
Archer and Lana pose as newlyweds to stop a sale of enriched uranium. SPOILER ALERT: Lana goes nuclear before the bomb does.TV-MA | 03.14.2013 | 20m
S4 E8 - Coyote Lovely
Archer heads to the Mexican border to capture a notorious coyote, which is Spanish for coyote.TV-MA | 03.07.2013 | 21m
S4 E7 - Live and Let Dine
Archer, Lana, and Cyril go undercover in celebrity chef Lance Casteau's (Anthony Bourdain) hellish kitchen.TV-MA | 02.28.2013 | 20m
S4 E6 - Once Bitten
A snake bites Archer in a special place.TV-MA | 02.21.2013 | 21m
S4 E5 - Viscous Coupling
Archer's former fiancée wants him to save her cyborg boyfriend who is trapped in outer space. Archer wants...other things.TV-MA | 02.14.2013 | 21m
S4 E4 - Midnight Ron
The beginning of beautiful hatred between Archer and his new stepfather plays out as the two are chased by gangsters.TV-MA | 02.07.2013 | 21m
S4 E3 - Legs
Archer's fear of cyborgs hits home when Krieger offers to make robotic legs for Gillette.TV-MA | 01.31.2013 | 21m
S4 E2 - The Wind Cries Mary
Archer and his former best friend (Timothy Olyphant) are holed up in the Vermont wilderness, fighting hard to come out on top.TV-MA | 01.24.2013 | 22m
S4 E1 - Fugue and Riffs
Archer has amnesia and decides the only cure is a spa weekend.TV-MA | 01.17.2013 | 21m